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Smokeless Range 2.0

What is the Smokeless Range?

The Smokeless Range is a simulation software that is downloaded to the PC, and projected on a white screen and an IR camera that allows to you train in the comfort of your own home.

What is the benefit of the Smokeless Range?

The benefit of the Smokeless Range is you can train in your own home. You do not use live ammo. It is a safe and effective way to train. Best source of training for new shooters to learn the basics before moving to live fire exercises. 

What does it Cost?

If you want to buy your own Smokeless Range the Price Starts at $550.00. Training firearms are sold separately.  The Smokeless range during training is included in the cost of training. 

What kind of Training does it provide?

The Smokeless Range provides 10 different training "games" that provide different training aspects. These include: Bomb Blast ( a quick shooter game to shoot the bouncing bombs) Can Toss, ( Cans are tossed in the air at different times, can you shoot all the cans? Dueling Tree ( a 2 player sharpshooter drill, who can shoot all the targets to your opponent the quickest. Target Shooting ( A basic target to practice grouping and basic fundamentals. You can adjust the target distance. Trap Shooting ( simulated clay targets are shot in the air, can you track them and shoot them before they land? Match Target ( A quick reaction in paying attention to which target you are supposed to match, locate the matching target and shoot. Don't shoot the wrong target. Moving Target ( Track the moving target  across the screen and accurately shoot the target as many times as you can. Speed Drill ( locate the red targets quickly and shoot all the red targets before time runs out, but don't hit the wrong targets. Transitional Drill ( each time you shoot the target, the target moves to a different location. Identify the target, shoot and transition. Tracking Drill (similar to the Moving target, however the targets go in different directions than straight across the screen. 

Other Add-Ons?

Laser Ammo has many different add-ons to the Smokeless Range for additional costs. Currently KFT does not have any ad-ons, however we are working to obtain the real life  "Video Scenario Trainer" add on.  This software gives the trainee a real life scenario where deadly force may or may not be justified. 

Can I Use the Smokeless Range even though I have my CCH?

Of course, if you just want to come train and use the smokeless range, you can email us and we will accommodate you. Prices for the range is $20 a person, per hour. These cost go toward equipment and upgrades. 

Here are some Pictures of the Smokeless Range being used. 

The 10 Smokeless Range games

Realtime Training (Instructor Don)

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